Saturday, March 4, 2017

$21 for 3/21

Help our local Montgomery County Down Syndrome Interest Group (MCDSIG) grow their mission by donating $21 for 3/21 with Porter!
$21 for 3/21 Porter loves MCDSIG!
Our local MCDSIG has been essential to our family's success. From day one, we were connected to parents who have helped guide us int he right direction, always just a phone call or message away with support. These families have connected us with therapists, helped us with issues and have helped us feel supported in an amazing community. Penny and Porter have made some amazing friends within our community and I'm so excited for Pax to do the same as he grows!

Thanksgiving in AZ

We spent Thanksgiving in Arizona with family. Grammy and Pa moved to Arizona right around the time we moved this past summer and we were so excited to finally make it out to see their new digs. Paxton enjoyed his first flight, we had a quick layover in St. Louis, which made the trip feel like home for RC and we got to spend quality time with people we love! The sunrises were amazing! We made lemonade, baked and ate our fill of turkey. We had amazing adventures with the whole family! So far behind, so here's a picture recap of the fun:



Friday, December 23, 2016

Catching up...

 It's been way too long since I've actually sat down to write. So here's a quick update...CHOP Buddy Walk was amazing! The kids had a blast, the team was amazingly supportive and Porter's Peeps raised over $11,000 for the Trisomy 21 Program at CHOP. THANK YOU to our village who came out to make this happen!  

We spent much of October outside, as we were blessed with a mild fall. We played basketball, had lots of fall festival fun, cheered on Penny as she cheered during football games, enjoyed playground time, celebrated daddy's birthday and so much more! 
For Halloween, we had fun dressing up as the crew from Doc McStuffins. The kids LOVE this Disney Channel show and so do I! The "Time for your Checkup" song has definitely made doctor appointments easier for Porter and Pax to understand.  
Porter started horseback riding. He loves riding "my pony," Gaelan. Therapeutic riding is such a cool therapy...he definitely enjoys it!
 We celebrated Nana's birthday with our cousins.
 This crew is definitely fun!
And, before the month was over, Porter took a pause and spent three weeks in a full leg cast. We're still not certain of what the injury was (we know he hurt his leg wrestling with Pax), but the orthopedic doc was on point...three weeks in a cast seemed to do the trick.
We traveled to Phoenix to visit the Thompsons for Thanksgiving...I'll post about that fun soon. And now, we find ourselves at the end of December. We've been reading a Christmas book a day as in years past. We've been chasing our elves around the house. But we've been on the go  much more than ever before. The days pass quickly. These kids grow in the blink of an eye. They  make life interesting and fun and messy and perfect all at the same time. 

I hope to post more about our many adventures soon. Happy Holidays!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

NYC and Lehigh Valley Buddy Walks 2016

In September, we headed to NYC for the NDSS #NYCBuddyWalk 
This was our 2nd trip to NYC for Buddy Walk (we went back in 2014), and Porter's 2nd time on the big screen in Times Square. Thanks to Erik and Kelly, Devan and Porter's love was on display for all to see.
We had a great time in Times Square and had an adventurous day in the city...the kids saw some characters in Times Square. We got to ride a school bus through the city, which is an experience in an of itself...our trip from Central Park back to Times Square included a stop on a narrow street due to a disabled vehicle that our bus driver and a few other Buddy Walkers from the bus in front of us literally picked up and moved out of the way so we could continue. 
We walked in Central Park. Porter, Penny and Nana had a blast! Many thanks to Nana for making the trip with us...I couldn't have done it on my own!
The next weekend, we Buddy Walked in the Lehigh Valley with Devan's Designer Genes. 
These two! They're game changers for sure! Love seeing them together!
Again, Nana joined us to make the day possible, while Daddy stayed home with croupy Pax.
This year, our buddy Evan also joined the team. Porter was so happy to see two of his favorite people in the same place. The Lehigh Valley Buddy Walk has so many fun things for the kiddos to do! They always have an amazing day at the Velodrome!  The sun was shining and spirits were high as we spent a day with some amazing friends celebrating some amazing kiddos!
Tomorrow, we'll Buddy Walk for CHOP at Villanova. We can't wait! Praying for good weather and safe travels for all our family and friends who will make the trip to join us. It's our most favorite day of the year!