Friday, January 24, 2014


TGIF! We had a follow up at the pediatrician today. They were very happy with Porter's progress. Which means Mama needs to stop worrying so much and start sleeping in her own bed :)
On guard! I'm armed and dangerous! You would think so, the way Porter says "NO" and tries to push the nebulizer away :) I'm admitting for all the internet to see- I've been letting him use the Peek-A-Boo apps that we use for speech to get thru nebulizer treatments. Combine this with the fact that Porter watched some Elmo you tube videos on my phone in the hospital, I've got a little dude who is waking up, looking for my phone and shouting "Eh-Mo" (Porter-speak for Elmo). We're going to have to detox from Elmo! 
After school/work, Penny and I went to the grocery store. The lobsters were back, which made her night:) We spent some time watching them. They are fascinating little creatures. When we got home, Porter took care of unpacking the bags for us.
He really is into everything- following us from room to room and teasing us by crawling to places he knows he's not supposed to be in while laughing as he waits for us to move him away. I love seeing his personality continue to develop.
We are really thankful for all the help we've had- Porter is loving extra attention from Papa. 
And Penny is in need of some extra attention from me. These past few months have been rough on her. Enjoying every snuggle right now!
Sweet dreams. Thanks for the prayers! 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Busy Boy

After a night of good sleeping, someone had a busy day.
Porter kept Papa moving! All day long! Up the stairs, down the stairs, move, move, move. "Go!" From the foyer to the family room and back a million times. Hopefully all the moving will help keep the gunk moving out of his lungs. He decided to take two side steps at the window- I have a feeling he'll be cruising soon. 
Off to the pediatrician in the morning for a recheck! Sweet dreams :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sleep baby sleep

He's happy to be back in his crib. I was worried that he wouldn't remember his bed time routine, but he picked right up where we left off last week. Kisses for sister, Snuggle Puppy, the ABC's, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep and into the crib he went. He fell fast asleep in his own happy place. I've checked his pulse ox a few times, and he's been great. But now he's wise to my moves and he's hiding his hands from me. While I won't miss the beeping of the monitors, I will miss the comfort they offered that he was doing ok. I'll miss the nurses and respiratory therapists and all the wisdom they had to offer! I'll be sleeping with one eye open tonight.
He slept through the 10pm nebulizer treatment. I am hoping that without anyone stoping by to check his blood pressure he will have a good night of sleep. I'm praying he will breathe well and stay healthy all night. I love him through and through...yesterday, today and tomorrow too (borrowed from one of our favorite bedtime stories).

Home Sweet Home!

Mr. P kept his oxygen levels up the 2nd half of last night and all nap today, so we were able to come home! 
He was so happy to see Penny!
Will write more soon. Thanks to all for your prayers!
P.S. Penny made us a welcome home sign!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

At least we didn't have to drive in the snow, I guess?

Tonight, as I rocked my baby to sleep watching the snow fall outside, it was a perfect moment. So what if it happened in a hospital room. His little fingers curl around mine as he drifts off to dreamland. He snuggles better than anyone. The snow outside is beautiful. 
Because Mr. P's pulse ox levels keep dropping when he falls asleep, we didn't have to drive in the snow today. He held strong for the first half hour of nap, before drifting below healthy levels, which is progress.
He had a chest X-ray today, showing mild improvement. In addition to RSV and double lung pneumonia, they say he has reactive airway disease- a fancy way of saying he's had a wheezing type sickness before, so his lungs are more succeptible to issues. 
We've been passing our time learning new signs (airplane, dinosaur and even a good morning song via you tube today). He's been loving the speech apps we use and has been spoiled with some tv time to get thru respiratory therapy. We put the blanket on the floor and try to move as much as possible. He can't leave the room, because no one wants to share his RSV. So we're making the most of the space we have. 
Porter's been having fun exploring the hospital menu. He loves Italian ice almost as much as sherbet!
We miss sister! Thanks aunt Becky & Papa for taking such good care of her!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bedtime besties

Bath and bedtime is our best together time of the day. Mommy can finally help with bath again. How I missed the post bath selfies. Making up for lost time...
And then my little readers make their pics for the evening. Porter always picks Snuggle Puppy. And Penny thinks long and hard before choosing her option for the night. 
I love that they love to read! Can't wait to see where our reading adventures can take us!

Low tone blues

Low tone is keeping us here in the hospital. While Mr. P's strong enough to come off oxygen during the day, he still needs it while sleeping. We're guessing his sleeping baseline may be a little lower than a typical kid, but we don't know. Low muscle tone impacts even the muscles that hold his airways open :(
He is feeling a lot more like himself. When the doctor comes to the door, he says "bye-bye". It's his way of saying- I know what you're here for and I don't like it. He flirts with the nutrition staff because he knows they bring the food. He's got this hospital thing covered!
His nurse put some blankets on the floor so he could move around today, which helped! He's happier when he can crawl and play.
He tried orange sherbet for the first time today. It was love at first bite.
Sleep tight everyone! We will keep watching this little one tonight in hopes he grows stronger!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sick Bubbs

Yesterday, we ended up in the ER with Mr. P. His doc made the right call to send us- he has pneumonia and tested positive for RSV.
He was not a happy camper- sluggish and breathing hard. Here he is a little happier during his first breathing treatment in the ER. Soon after, he had his IV placed (yay to the nurses who got it right on the first try) and had to wear a "no-no" to keep him from pulling it out. 
He also had a nasal cannula placed for oxygen. He had a rough night. Was not happy with all the wires. But fluids, breathing treatments and extra love from everyone he saw helped. By morning, he was much more like himself!
He played with his new dog, alternating kisses and swats with the "no-no". After lunch, he was happy to see his visitors- Godmother Maureen and Emily.
He wasn't happy they had to wear gowns like the nurses! Soon after they left, he came off daytime oxygen. He had his IV line removed and he got a nice warm bath. He ate well at dinner and did his breathing treatments. He is learning that when someone puts a gown on, it means business and he's being a little dramatic. Luckily, the nurses and doctors are very patient with him and his drama. 
He enjoyed a visit from daddy before heading off to dreamland.

He's back on oxygen for the night because his pulse ox dropped when he fell asleep...his low tone doesn't help any of this. Hoping after another breathing treatment or two he can sleep oxygen free. Sweet dreams!