Saturday, November 30, 2013


We have a lot to be thankful for around here. Family who have been helping around the clock, friends who've cooked us food and sent good cheer, and two little pilgrims who are helping me get stronger every day.
It may not have been the perfect thanksgiving, but it was perfect for us. Wishing everyone a holiday season filled with many blessings. I'm counting mine this year!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ramblings of a mom MIA

I've been sick for over two weeks now and have been in the hospital for a full week. I miss my kids and I'm so incredibly thankful to everyone who has visited, sent prayers, and most especially helped keep the kids running as normal as possible.

Porter- I miss being at your therapy sessions. I know Papa and daddy and everyone are doing an amazing job helping you grow stronger, but I want to be the one who knows how to do it all. Keep working hard buddy! You're so close to pulling to a stand- I can't wait to see it. I miss singing the birdie song in the morning and snuggle puppy at night. I miss your stories and your exploring and everything about you. I love you through and through.

Penny- nana showed me a dance class video. I love to see how happy and free you are in dance. I want to be there watching you! I saw the card you made me and noticed how you're working on letter spacing. Keep up the good work! I've seen how you're taking care of Porter- thanks for watching out for him. Maybe you could share some toys with him every once in awhile :) Keep being creative and exploring your world. I love you right up to the moon and back because you are my wish come true.

Daddy- thanks for trying so hard to do it all and for spending as much time with me as you can. Thanks for pushing me to try harder to get better, even when I'm cranky. Thanks for loving me and our family.

Papa- thanks for taking care of everything since the day I got sick. For learning the daycare routine, sleeping with the monitor, packing lunches, cleaning and doing bedtime. You're probably exhausted! Thanks for dropping everything to help. Love you much!

Nana, Missy, Becky, Nic- thanks for spending time with me and the rug rats. Thanks for loving them just as much as I do. Thanks for the videos and pictures. Thanks for the love. And Missy- I owe you big time. Love you all.

Dave, Adam and Eric- thanks for being true family and for all your help. We're lucky to have you. Eric- I'm so sorry I wasn't there this week and send all my love to your family. Pop Ang was amazing and we'll miss him. You'll miss him much more and I hope we can help with that! 

Heidi, Lisa and Kel, Peg, Tim & Sarah- thanks for being the best cheering crew! Your visits have been amazing! 

To everyone who has called, written, sent flowers and treats. Thanks for your love and support. Thanks most for all the prayers. I need them, so please keep them coming.

Love to all. Can't wait to see you all again soon. Without an IV. 

But these two are the ones I miss most

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Nana!

To celebrate Nama's birthday, we took a ride on the New Hope & Ivyland Railroad.
Aunt Nic found the living Social Deals and we all bought in. We also celebrated with some yummy cake that Missy bought.
The train ride was so much fun! The conductor collected tickets and they gave out soft pretzels and drinks. We saw beautiful fall foliage and some gorgeous houses. 
Back at the train station, we enjoyed the fall decor. We got to watch the Diesel engine depart- a lot less steamy and a little more smelly.
It was a great weekend for a train ride!
And, Nic & Dave enjoyed reminiscing of their wedding day.
Fun times! Happy Birthday Nana! We love you!