Monday, November 24, 2014

Turkey Art

Our kids love art projects. Especially ones that involve handprints. So we had some fun getting ready for Thanksgiving, making handprint turkeys with feathers.
 Turkey fun!
We are thankful for so many things and can't wait to celebrate Thanksgiving this week!

Monday, November 17, 2014

One year ago...

One year ago today my mom took me to the ER. A few shots of morphine later, they realized it wasn't the flu. I had a dermoid cyst that defied textbooks, leaking and bursting, causing peritonitis. I'm incredibly thankful for everything my family, medical team and friends did to support us at that time. I'm in awe of my body and how it's healed. I'm hopeful I can continue to rebuild a healthy body. And tremendously blessed that I've been wrapped in the arms of Penny and Porter another year. Tonight I am thankful! 

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Unimpressed with my Halloween day photos, I dressed the kids up a few days later and took them outside in an attempt to get some nice photos. While they loved dressing up again, getting a good photo was nearly impossible. At least we were all laughing!

Weekend Fun

Sometimes, the best days are ones where spur of the moment plans come about to create fun. We've had a few of these weekends this fall. 
Mr. P visited the dentist and did a great job with the cleaning. He actually likes their spinning toothbrush :)
And their stickers! While we were at the dentist, our neighbor Ashley asked if we might like to visit the arboretum with her. The kids had a blast!

I'm not surprised that the water feature was everyone's favorite spot!
These dollar store fairy wings were the best investment...since I never remember to take them out of the stroller, our little fairy appears at the most random times. 
We did the scarecrow walk...or crawl. Penny LOVED the Anna & Olaf scarecrows. Mommy loved the Mo'ne Davis scarecrow :) 
We carved pumpkins for sensory fun.

And topped off the night with an unexpected visit from the Carty's. It may have been the best day of the entire fall! So much fun packed into so little time. 
We continued on with soccer season.
With a full fan club :)


And, we met up with Godmother Kellie for some fun at Merrymead.
This awesome firefighter took interest in Porter and spent some time showing both kids the inside of the truck. 
Fall is fun!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014!

Happy Halloween from Ariel & Sebastian!
These two had a blast trick-or-treating in our neighborhood with their crew! Alex & Seraphina and Liam & Noah came over for a pizza party and then we hit the streets. Trying to get six kids to smile for a picture was the most difficult part of the night :) 
Penny was the leader of the pack...she couldn't wait to ring the doorbells with Liam and say "Happy Halloween"! Porter and Alex did a great job with their "Hi" and "Bye" routine.  
They were troopers...they walked and walked (with Porter in the wagon)! Penny did ask "do they have a dog?" before making her way to every door in the neighborhood...she almost skipped one or two houses, but she took some deep breaths and did it for the candy.  
She's declared chocolate and M&M's to be her favorite. Porter loved the Lance sandwich crackers that he got from one neighbor the most! 
They had a blast! So much fun that they organized a pretend sleepover party as soon as they got home :) We had such a great night! Thanks to all for the fun! 

Soccer Season End

Penny's fall soccer season has come to an end. Their final game (a make-up game due to another rainy weekend) was rained-out. But the team still got together to pick up their trophies. Swim lessons kept some kids from the fun, but Penny had a blast with the boys! And, those awesome coaches pulled Porter into the group and gave him a trophy too. 
He was so happy! He crawled along the lines of the gym floor and chased the boys around while they played a made-up game. It was fun to see! 
And my best girl, she made me smile. She did learn quite a bit this season. And while she's still got a ways to go in the learning department, she did learn about teamwork. I don't think that anyone cheered harder this season...she may not have been scoring the goals, but she celebrated them well! 
Fall soccer was fun!