Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Zoo Date with Porter

This weekend, while daddy took Penny to a birthday party, Porter and I enjoyed an hour at our zoo. We practiced words, signs and walking. We watched the monkeys for awhile to get warm...the wind was chilly! 
We monkeyed around a bit ourselves. And missed our Penny while we watched Penny the alligator hang out in her pool.
We watched the chickens. They are colorful and active and all sorts of captivating.
He studies them, mesmerized. 
And just before we head home, we look at the big birds one last time.
He's starting to communicate his wants at the zoo. He likes the owl ("ow"), the bison and the parrots. He asks for the monkeys and chicken. He's starting to remember the zoo :) I can't wait to build memories here this summer. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Another Nephew :)

RC & I have another nephew! My sister Becky and her husband Adam had their baby on Friday; a little boy named Codie.
He's healthy and amazing and we are so excited to watch him grow up.
For now, we're soaking in his sleepy perfect baby face and enjoying every little snuggle. 
Penny is counting the weeks until he can play with her and Porter :)
Porter is waiting for his cough to go away before he can meet his new best friend. Hopefully the amazing weather we've had the past two days will stick and so we can enjoy some more time outside! 
Welcome to the world baby Codie. We love you!