Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Today was Penny's first day of kindergarten. Last night, we set out her clothes and read the sweet "Ready Confetti" poem her teacher sent. 
She excitedly sprinkled her confetti under her pillow and went to sleep.
This morning, she was ready to go! She kept asking "when does my bus come?" We took a few photos at home before we walked to the bus stop. 
The bus pulled up and she was off. 
Because parents were allowed to wait on the playground on the first day, Pax and I headed over to see the morning routine first hand. She quickly found her friends and we all talked while we waited for the bell.
The bell rang, she waved goodbye and I started counting the minutes until we could pick her up from the bus to hear about the adventures.
Pax kept me busy until it was time to head to the bus stop. 
We walked home and she told us all about her day!
We heard about the cafeteria and recess first, then art class. She told us about the "smart board" that her teacher uses and the purple carpet the class sits on while they learn. She told us about the tour of the school- they've only explored the first floor so far, but there is an elevator. I asked what happens if it's raining in the morning, since drop off happens on the playground and she said "I guess we just stay home if it rains." (Not true baby girl...sorry)
I emailed her teacher and got a good report. We're slowly learning the school procedures. 
I'm hoping Penny will let me interview her tomorrow- she was over the questions after a few minutes. She did her homework and packed her book ag for tomorrow. 
As the night went on, we learned more about the day- she played with her friend Autumn at recess- they did the swings and the blue climber. Kindergarten can't ride the twisty slide on the playground because sometimes friends are too silly on the twisty slide. They aren't allowed to use their water bottles during the day, but they can drink from a fountain. They sang the days of the week and months of the year songs...she was humming then to herself all night ☺️
We're really happy that her first day was a great one! Looking forward to hearing more about her adventures every day! 
Penny- we're so proud of you! We hope every day of kindergarten is as great as today was...keep working hard! We love you!