Thursday, September 26, 2013


He's getting closer to some big milestones! His core strength is really developing and he wants to move.
A few weeks ago, he couldn't pull himself up from this side tip, but look at him now:
He wants to stand so badly!
And, he really wants to climb the steps...
Got there all by himself :) His OT commented just this week on how great it is that we REALLY have to watch him and get back to baby-proofed in our house. And she's right! Exciting times! Keep up the good work Mr. P!

Learning to let her act on instinct

After dance class, with her sneakers on, Penny made a bee line for the dance room. I tried to stop her. And then I realized, she was just cleaning up for her teacher :)
Sometimes I'm too quick to correct...sometimes she's just doing the right thing. When I least expect it, she makes me so proud!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Aunt Missy & Uncle Eric's Wedding

I'm so far behind on the, I'm going to start here and now and work my way backwards when I find the time.  On September 7th, we celebrated Missy & Eric. Penny now loves to ask where Mrs. Damm is and keeps referring to Eric as Uncle Mr. Damm :) Their wedding was amazing. Missy customized every last detail with her own personal touches and it was perfect.  Lets start with the sisters. She let us pick our own turned out beautiful!
Nana and Papa dress up pretty well too, don't they? Penny, Missy & I picked Nana's wasn't her typical style, but boy was she one hot Nana! Thanks for taking the risk Nana...we think you're beautiful! 
 Here's our flower girl & ring bearer with super star daddy who took care of Porter all day and helped run for anything we needed.
 And here they are with Jake, Jason and Jenna. These kids are amazing and are very lucky to have Aunt Missy and Uncle Eric in their lives!
 Some of the most handsome boys you'll ever meet!
 Instead of favors, Missy & Eric donated to the MS Foundation in honor of Jake and the DS Buddy Walk in honor of Porter. Seriously made mama cry! You guys are awesome and we are so thankful and humbled that you chose to honor these boys on your special day!
 Nana and some of her girls!
 Oh the details...custom drinks in mason jars. With paper straws and little tags hand made by Missy. Super sweet!
 The highlight of the day was Eric finally becoming part of the family. After 10 years, it was time! We're so HAPPY!!!!
 But there were times during the ceremony that this little man took center stage. He was smiling and waving and laughing. He had a blast!
 My boys are so handsome!
 Our family sure has grown over the years. We can't wait to see what it will look like ten years from now.
 No wedding would be complete without a Fitz family photo. These cousins are the best cousins you could dream of having. Fun, beautiful, hilarious! They kept the party going on the dance floor. It was so nice to catch up with them!
 I attempted to get some photos of the kids....this is the best he would give me.
 Double smiles...not so much. But, they do love each other!
 Penny was obsessed with trying to make her dress spin :)
 Simply and totally gorgeous.
 Missy earned some brothers...we love Alex and Nick! They gave the best speeches! They clearly love their brother.
 Porter, flirting with the ladies!
 Penny and Dahlia. They danced and danced until they fell asleep!
 Speaking of dancing...this kid has moves...he LOVED the steel drum.
 But someone loved it more. Penny's favorite part of the wedding...playing the drum.
 Porter caught up on snuggles with Gretchen.
 Penny showed off her moves on the dance floor and loved all the attention Missy's friends gave her.
 Jake showed off some moves of his own.
 And my little girl danced with her daddy to her hearts content.
 Then it was time for the cake.
 In the weeks leading up to the wedding, Penny had been talking about Eric smashing the cake in Missy's face. She even asked him to do it at the rehearsal dinner. But, when uncle Adam held Missy to make it happen, Penny got so upset!
 No was all in good fun!
 Thanks Aunt Missy and Uncle Eric for sharing your day with us. Every last detail was amazing. We had a blast and can't wait to spend more time with you soon! Love you guys!

Saturday, September 7, 2013


There are one and a half muffins left. I say to Penny, "oh goody. You can have one and I can have a half." She responds, "no, I can have both and you can have the crumbs." Thanks Penny!