Thursday, March 17, 2016

8 Months

Pax was eight months yesterday.
He lost two pounds while he was sick and isn't quite as chubby these days! He's starting to move a lot- mostly backwards and in circles. He does lots of baby yoga- that photo above is one of his signature moves, along with plank and downward dog. 
He celebrated with some hamburger. He doesn't want baby food...he wants whatever is on my plate! He is doing great with Cheerios and little pieces of soft foods. He loves yogurt! He's got 8 teeth to use when he eats!
We've made a little progress on the sleep front and he's waking twice most nights (which is huge progress after all the ear infection/hand foot & mouth/bronchiolitis sleepless nights). 
He now cries when mommy leaves. He's got intense love for Penny & Porter and loves when they play ball with him. He's got crazy grip strength and can palm a playground ball...we joke that he's already got a better arm than mommy!  He has recently become "everybody's baby" among the daycare crew...Penny & Porter's friends love him dearly! 
Life with 3 kids is chaotic...I'm still figuring it out. Laundry and dishes are a full time 2nd job. I've finally gotten brave enough to take all 3 on adventures...some days are easier than others. There is little sleep and much love. 
Happy 8 months Paxton! We love you!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Pure Joy from our Birthday Boy!

This kid has grown to love his birthday. He's into the cake part more so than the present part!

 He requested an ice cream cake. And green icing. I love that he had an opinion!
Four looks good on you Mr. P!