Friday, November 30, 2012

9 Months of Porter

Porter is 9 months old!
Here are 9 things about our 9 month old:
1. He's sitting! I'm calling's still mostly supported sit, propped with his hands on his legs, but he lets go to reach and holds himself steady until he grabs his leg again.
2. He's officially a good eater. He was released from the feeding clinic yesterday. The team was so happy with his progress and with the mechanics of how he's eating- they cleared us to start puffs :) We tried them and he LOVES them. I'm so incredibly proud of our hard working boy and so thankful for the team that helped us get here!
3. He's a flirt! He flashes his smile at any lady who will smile back. You should have seen him with the TSA workers in the airport and the nurses at the doctor's office! He's the happiest baby ever.
4. He loves the playground. Slide, swings, on!
5. He's into books. He follows along, helps turn pages and adores reading with Penny at bed time. Little Duck is the current favorite, although he is even interested in Penny's Curious George and Princess Penelope books!
6. He loves hair. He quickly grabs handfuls of my hair and shoves them in his mouth. He can destroy even the tightest pony tail. He loved grabbing RC's Movember beard. And poor sister doesn't stand a chance- if given the chance, he goes straight for her hair and pulls!
7. He loves his feet. He is happiest with one foot in his hands, the other in his mouth! If he's laying on his back or on his side, his feet are up by his face :)
8. He understands certain words and is really paying attention to the signing that we do with him. There's no messing with him once you say the word "milk" and show him the sign. He makes the same "MMMMMMM" noise every time and gets cranky if you don't get the bottle immediately after saying the word milk! Sometimes we'll even notice him making and releasing a fist, almost mimicing the sign for "milk" when it's bottle time! When he's practicing sitting, you can say "head up Porter" and he lifts his head. Before we pick him up, we say "up Porter" and he puts his hands in our hands. And, he's starting to wave.
9. He's starting to do more in swim lessons each week. He's always loved the water and been a good floater, but now he's starting to kick and splash too :)
9 Month Stats:
Height- 29.5 inches
Weight- 19 pounds, 7 ounces
Teeth- 4 (two top, two bottom)
Eyes- brown (they've officially changed color)

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