Thursday, March 21, 2013


Today is 3/21, World Down Syndrome Day. As we continue along in our journey, we find ourselves looking forward to days like this- days where we can celebrate the joy that is Porter. This year, it's also a day we can celebrate the amazing people who have loved our son over the past year. Because we haven't been on this journey alone. We've been supported by family, friends, neighbors, doctors, teachers, members of our Early Intervention team and even strangers. It's been an amazing year because of you!

What does Down Syndrome mean to us today? It means we get to love a happy, hungry, sleepy little man who has just turned one year old. Like many other one year olds, he has favorite toys, favorite people and favorite foods. He's learning sign language and uses it to tell us when he wants milk, to eat, and to be picked up. He can be both noisy and nosy and LOVES attention. He's feeding himself. He loves bath time and bed time stories, mostly because he gets to spend time with his big sister, who he adores, during these times. He spends his day at daycare, where he plays with all his friends and teachers who genuinely love him. We're working a little harder than most on skills that will help him grow stronger as he learns to crawl, walk and speak. We spend a few hours a week with occupational, physical and speech therapists who are helping us learn how we can help him grow stronger and build good habits. We see the therapies work before our eyes. Yes, we may work a little harder, and it may take a little longer, but before we know it he'll be crawling, walking and talking. And, we will celebrate every one of these milestones.

What else does Down Syndrome mean to us? It means teamwork in ways we never imagined possible. It means that we've built friendships with amazing families who share this journey with us. It means that we've got a team of amazing therapists and a case worker who truly love our son and are vested in his growth. It means that we've got doctors who truly care and are willing to work together to ensure he's on the right track. It means being aware that others are on special journeys of their own and that we should treat everyone with respect. It means slowing down. It means supporting local businesses who employ differently abled individuals.  It means that our lives have changed for the better.  We hope that yours have too, by being a part of ours. Thank you for making today a day to celebrate!
Porter Charles Thompson, we love you right up to the moon and back!
 World Down Syndrome Day is on 3/21 to symbolize a third copy of the 21st chromosome in people with Down syndrome. Celebrate the value, acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome on March 21! For more information, visit NDSS.

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