Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Spring Fevers

Our kids have spring fevers. Not the cool kind of spring fever where they're looking forward to something, but the kind that makes mommy nervous and brings Papa to stay with us for days. Have we mentioned how lucky we are to have the help! Thanks Papa!
These two kiddos seem to be trading viruses. Penny was sick last week and got better, only to spike a fever again last night. Here's hoping and praying they both get some good rest tonight and that health returns for all! Despite the fevers, they're relatively happy and their ears, throat, nose and eyes continue to look healthy. Just a pesky spring fever, we pray!
Today I'm hugging my sick littles even tighter. Because this morning we heard news from around the world that one of our Down syndrome family members was taken way too soon after a bout of meningitis. I follow a few Down syndrome stories on Facebook, one of which is Upside Down. Their family had a little boy who was just a few months older than Porter and they seemed to be on the same gross motor development schedule. Little Ryder crawled a few days before Porter and was getting closer to his first steps. Last night, his mum posted a picture of her little sick one just as I rocked my little sick one to sleep. But this morning, her little sick one got much sicker much faster and his little heart couldn't keep up. It's not fair! To have fought so hard to grow and learn and have a bacterial or viral infection steal it all away. I'm so heartbroken. Sharing this little light for Ryder. May he rest in peace. And may his family take comfort in knowing that the he reached such a wide audience with his little light, making the world a better place!

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