Sunday, November 2, 2014

Soccer Season End

Penny's fall soccer season has come to an end. Their final game (a make-up game due to another rainy weekend) was rained-out. But the team still got together to pick up their trophies. Swim lessons kept some kids from the fun, but Penny had a blast with the boys! And, those awesome coaches pulled Porter into the group and gave him a trophy too. 
He was so happy! He crawled along the lines of the gym floor and chased the boys around while they played a made-up game. It was fun to see! 
And my best girl, she made me smile. She did learn quite a bit this season. And while she's still got a ways to go in the learning department, she did learn about teamwork. I don't think that anyone cheered harder this season...she may not have been scoring the goals, but she celebrated them well! 
Fall soccer was fun!

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