Friday, March 21, 2014

Down Syndrome Awareness Day- 3/21/14

Somehow this was never published back in's been sitting in drafts since then...OOPS!

To Our Family, Friends and All of Porter's Peeps,
World Down Syndrome Day is held each year on 3/21. On this day, we acknowledge that the third copy of the 21st chromosome has changed our life in a most positive way. Porter's extra chromosome has opened our hearts and helped us better understand that all life is a perfect gift.  
It's a day we can thank all those people who are helping him succeed. Everyone from our family to his doctors and therapy team to his daycare teachers and his friends. Because of your support, we're able to look back at the past two years, appreciate how much Porter has progressed, and look forward to what the future holds.
It's hard to believe that this floppy baby, who scored a 3 on the Apgar, is now a man on the move. He's got opinions, friends and he communicates pretty darn well. He's starting to spontaneously say words and ask for people- like "Daddy" and "Ash" (his teacher Miss Ashley) and things- like "more juice" and "accic" (aka- attic). 

We hope that Porter has taught you some of the same things that he's taught us. Here are some of the most important lessons my son has taught me over the past two years:
  1. Throw the "rules" book out the window. He'll do things in his own time. Of course, we'll arm him with some tools to help him along the way. But it doesn't matter if he walks when he's 1 or 3. He's going to walk.
  2. This world is filled with amazing individuals who never would have become part of our world if not for Porter's extra chromosome. I've met some strong, determined and inspiring individuals.
  3. Education is our best defense. Education can take many forms. We learn from doctors, our Early Intervention team, publications and most importantly, other families who are living this amazing journey along side us.
  4. Every person with Down syndrome is different. They all have their own different strengths. 
  5. The sky's the limit. We don't know what Porter's future will hold, but we have to encourage him to work harder every day so he can meet success.

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