Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring Sports

We're dabbling in spring sports. Penny started T-Ball in our township league this spring. She LOVES it. She is the kid who stands in the front and runs to get the ball almost every time it's hit a few feet off the T. She's working on her throw to first (it's a long way for little kids). And, most importantly, she's having fun. There are a few kids from daycare on her team and she's making new friends too.
In addition to T-Ball, she's running in the Health Kids Running Series races. She LOVES the 50 yard dash. She gets excited to wear her bib number and really has fun during the starting line warm up. During the first two weeks, she's placed 2nd and 3rd.  I'm so proud of her for giving it her all!
Both kids are doing swimming lessons (serious lack of photos here, because mom is usually in the water with Porter) and Penny's gearing up for her dance recital in June. I love the activities!
I love getting out to explore. And, Porter loves that there are playgrounds and rock piles near the baseball fields. He's been having a blast cheering big sister on and practicing with her in the yard at home. He has been hitting the ball off the T in our yard and we're hoping he'll be ready to play T-Ball himself next year. 
So thankful for spring!

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