Saturday, April 16, 2016

Catching Up

After all the February birthday fun, we've been keeping ourselves busy. We're having fun making new traditions, getting used to life with three kids. 
Some people make corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick's Day...we get Shamrock Shakes...
We celebrated Porter's extra chromosome on 3/21, World Down Syndrome Day. 
We were so happy that our daycare and my office agreed to be pet of Rock Your Socks this year...we're so lucky to have a community that supports Porter and his Homies!
Penny and Porter did a round of swim lessons at Ursinus College. The lessons are two weeks and are pretty intense. They were fabulous! After some tears on day one, both kiddos showed so much improvement. 
We've been trying to keep up with what they've learned by swimming with daddy at the Y a few times a week. Penny was so excited to get her Orange Band, which means she doesn't need to wear a floatation device in the Y pool anymore! 
Pax-rabbit celebrated his first Easter. He decided to celebrate by crawling over Easter weekend!
The kids had fun doing egg hunts. We took our crazy to Nana and Papa's for the weekend. It's a whole new level of chaos when all the grandkids are together 💗! Let's just say, we get noticed in church! 
While we're thankful for our Peeps all year around, we do like to send an Easter shout-out to all of Porter's Peeps! We 💛 our Peeps! 🐥
Penny's keeping us busy with dance and gymnastics. The kids have been doing lots of shows on their stage. We were all about March Madness this happy for Villanova! Penny's kindergarten teacher told us she was her first student to ask for a game update during the school day :) She takes her fan girl status seriously! 
Mother Nature has been a bit confused. We've had huge temperature swings and have been trying to get outside when we can. Sometimes that means getting outside for snow play in April. 
Overall, we're trying to Pax gets older, we're able to have more adventures. I'm still adjusting...I am some days overwhelmed. I guess you could say that cooking dinner while trying to keep three kids happy is not my favorite time of day, but we're figuring it out. Now that he's mobile, Pax is into everything. Especially playing ball with his brother and sister. 
This is my favorite time of day. For all the chaos and craziness, there are these little moments of perfection. It's been so cool to see their relationships growing as Pax does. They're so lucky to have each other. We're so lucky to have them. 🍀

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