Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Another Amazing Travel Experience

We had yet another cool travel experience on our way home from our Thanksgiving visit with Grammy & Pa.
Meet our new friend Jay- he and his family were on our flight home from St. Louis. Jay is almost the same age as mommy and he's a baker at Wegmans. When we borded the plane, Jay's mom Ann asked how old Porter was, not getting a good look at him at first. I told her he was 9 months and asked how old her son was, as I turned Porter around. Of course, Porter flashed one of his trademark smiles :) When we got off the plane, Ann and Jay were waiting for us with a note including all their contact information and kind words of encouragement. Such sweet people! We talked to them for as long as it took to get our bags and for RC to get the car and we exchanged email addresses.
Another cool travel experience indeed! I continue to be amazed by the Down Syndrome community. We've met so many kind hearted, amazing families who not only encourage us that Porter's future will be just as amazing, but also to push him harder, to expect more from him, and to give him every opportunity that we can to push forward!

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