Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gingerbread 2012

Penny's recipe for Gingerbread Success...
Step 1: Mix it!
 Step 2: Roll it!
 Step 3: Cut it!
 Step 4: decorate it
 With a few bites and licks every step along the way :) Penny had so much fun making & rolling the dough. Because houses are hard, this year, Penny decorated a tree with some help from Grammy.
The rest of us went to work on our houses (check out daddy's double decker)

And Porter enjoyed watching all the action!
 Mommy's house
 Daddy's house
 Our houses and Penny's tree:
 And who could forget the coolest cookies ever!
Porter can't wait to really dig into all the treats next year! Yum! Another fun year of gingerbread happiness!

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