Wednesday, June 19, 2013

St. Louis- Grant's Farm

Earlier this month, we spent a long weekend in St. Louis, visiting with Grammy & Pa. We enjoyed a Friday morning visit to Grant's Farm. Porter loved the tram ride. While we were waiting in line for the tram, I peeked in the stroller behind us in line to find a most beautiful little lady who shared Porter's extra chromosome. I stared for a few seconds as I tried to figure out if it could really be...two kids with designer genes randomly stuck in line together...and her parents caught me staring and gave me "the look". They couldn't see Porter, who was hidden by the stroller.  I quickly pulled him out and "the look" turned into huge smiles and shared understanding :) Another amazing travel event indeed! We enjoyed chatting with Miss Riley and her family. She was two, walking, talking and smiling. Her mom proudly told me that she had just perfected the pincer grasp and Porter and I cheered, knowing just how much work they put in to get there. It was a really awesome line experience.
Sorry for the tangent...back to fun at Grant's Farm. I think Porter, Grammy & Pa had fun on the tram.
 Penny did too!
She really enjoyed looking for the big animals in the fields. She got most excited for the geese and deer, which we see in our own backyard all the time. Big horned big deal!
When we got off the tram, Penny immediately found the Carousel line :) 
 And mommy quickly got in trouble for riding with Porter...only one rider per horse please...oops!
 We got to feed a baby goat. Those goats were feisty! This kid's brother kept trying to butt in.
 And Pa got to feed an alpaca. Penny keeps telling everyone that her favorite animal is the alpaca :)
 My favorite was this guy...I've never been so close to a camel. He wanted to kiss me!
 We took the tram back to the bottom of the farm and stopped for a shot on the cool covered bridge.
 We headed over to the Clydesdale barn to get a glimpse of some of the beautiful horses.
 We met this little guy. He didn't want to pose for a picture, but he run around for us and put on a show. He kept coming back to check Penny out.
We had an awesome time at Grant's Farm! Thanks Grammy & Pa!

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