Wednesday, June 19, 2013

St. Louis- hanging with the cousins

RC's cousin Andria and her husband Adam live near Grammy & Pa. Their two girls are each a bit younger than our two and they all get along so well. Mr. P and Ms. Reagan had a blast talking to one another. They yelled back and forth and had each other cracking up.
I'd love to know what was so funny, but they wouldn't let me in on the secret.
 Miss P and Kylie had a blast playing kitchen, sharing quesadillas and watching a few minutes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Penny had never seen it before, so she was mesmerized.   
 Kylie also taught Penny how to use her rollercoaster. Coolest toy ever!
To say that Penny loved spending time with their family is an understatement. Kylie and her family were added to the bedtime song in the car on the way back to Grammy & Pa's that night and have secured their place there every night since :) I love seeing our kids play together and can't wait for our next trip to see it happen again!

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