Sunday, February 16, 2014

She's 4!

My Penny is 4. In the past four years, I've learned so much from this amazing little lady.
 She loves everything about her birthday. For weeks leading up to the big event, she counts down the days and makes her plans.  This year, Mother Nature threw us for a loop with all the snow and power outages. The day before her party, which she'd been planning for months, we found out we'd have to postpone. Luckily some of her girlfriends saved the day! Instead of a party, we'd have a play date. Oh- my friends are coming over, that's so cool! I was so afraid she'd be upset or disappointed, but she was actually super excited!
I was amazed at how sweet the girls were with one another. After chatting with their parents, I could completely understand why! We are so lucky to have these families in our lives :) Penny had an amazing day and is still talking about all the fun they had together! 
On her birthday, she took treats to school and wore her "Birthday Girl" shirt from Godmother Kellie.We celebrated with cupcakes!
 She loves cupcakes!
A week later than we originally planned, her party day finally arrived. Nana and Papa came by to help us get ready.  Nana surprised Penny with an American Girl doll- Saige (that lucky Nana- she won the doll in a raffle). Penny was thrilled! We've started reading the book- our first big chapter book. She can't wait to learn more about Saige and New Mexico. 
As we got ready, snow started to fall AGAIN! But luckily, it didn't ruin our plans. Her party at the zoo was a hit! We had so much fun learning about the animals the zookeepers brought to teach us about- a komodo dragon, a snake and a chinchilla.
 The kids were able to ask questions and Penny raised her hand to ask if the snake like to eat bumblebees. It was cute!
After learning about the animals, the kids enjoyed pizza and cake, before heading into the animal barn to feed the sheep and goats.  
And, everyone's favorite part of the party was the pinata! This frog was tough!
 We had an awesome day with our not-so-little four year old!
 Happy Birthday Penny Jeanne!
 In keeping with tradition, she answered her birthday questions:
 Some answers were identical to years past. Some were different. And some amazed even me (she doesn't really like live animals, so the fact that she wants to be a vet is comical, but heavily influenced by an amazing cousin of hers and an amazing friends' mom and dad who are vets).
Penny- you are my wish come true. At 4 you write all your letters and numbers, you are learning to read, you want to learn to tie your brother's shoes. You help us set the table and put your clothes in the hamper every night. You sweep the kitchen floor and pretend to cook with us. You're the best baking helper in the kitchen! You've fallen in love with the princesses, but you still refer to the princes as "Beasts"- Mom, who is Sleeping Beauty's Beast? You are incredibly observant and your memory continues to amaze me. When we're in the car, you never fail to let me know "this is the way to...". You love dance class, where you are free! At times you're fearful and I wonder if I taught you that- spread your wings little bird and fly- try new things, make new friends. Keep being you, because I love you! Happy 4th Birthday big girl! I can't wait to see what amazing things the next year holds for you :) 

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