Monday, May 26, 2014

Sickies...but not that bad

Porter took a little trip to the Emergency Room again last night for breathing trouble. The good news is that suction did wonders and he didn't need oxygen. He doesn't have RSV or flu, so it's likely just a virus. His chest X-ray is clear :) They kept us for observation and as long as he breathes well during nap we will go home. He'll be on the nebulizer for a few days. 
He is much happier after sleep and a few respiratory treatments. He's enjoying not being quarantined this trip, walking the halls and visiting the playroom. He even saw the therapy dog.

He's napping now. Hoping he stays stable and we can head home :) 
Lots of love to the amazing team here at Bryn Mawr! They really are fabulous! 

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