Thursday, July 3, 2014

3 Years

Last night, as Mother Nature sent us a thunderstorm the lifeguard in me would have loved to watch unfold, I snuggled my little loves to sleep in my bed (a super special treat reserved only for nights when high winds worry me that a tree may decide to tumble) and thought about that day three years earlier when we found out we were expecting baby #2. 
The morning of my sister Becky's wedding, I took a test. And it said yes :) We were beyond excited. That excitement of the first trimester was replaced by worry in the second trimester and acceptance in the third. I can tell you that today, I'm every bit as excited for Porter's future as I was that morning three years ago when I learned he was more than just a wish. He's pretty amazing.
The fears I had for Penny upon learning of Porter's diagnosis have changed. Mostly because of the love they share. Nothing makes my day more than hearing something like "mom- when I was playing with Porter at school today through the fence he thought I was so funny." Even though they have different playgrounds separated by a fence, they look for one another :) Her friends love him. And their parents do too.
We are lucky. For every fear, there is always a bright side. For every worry, little arms grasp tightly around my neck to let me know it's going to be ok. As my little man matched his breathing to my own and surrendered to sleep while his best sister wrapped her arm over his back and did the same while snuggled against me, I too fell asleep happy. Hopeful. In love.

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