Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dorney Fun

We took our annual trip to Dorney Park with my parents recently.
Penny & Porter had a blast in Camp Snoopy! 
 They both loved the rides and the characters. Last year, Penny was a big apprehensive of the characters and Porter really only wanted to ride the cars. This year, they both wanted to ride all the rides. There are still a few rides we kept Porter off, as we are a bit cautious with rides that could jar his neck, but we made up for it by letting him take a repeat on his favorites while Penny rode those more adventurous rides. Penny rode the kiddie roller coaster three times and the frog hopper "Flying Kite Tree" ride five times. Porter's favorites were the cars and Sally's Swing ride. 
 Porter sang along with the show and really just had a blast! Penny was a little less interested in the show.
 We had a picnic lunch, just like when I was a kiddo. It was a great mid-day break!
 I was impressed- both kids made it from 10am until 6:30pm before we decided it was time to hit the road (Porter took a 2 hour nap in the stroller).  While Porter napped, we took Penny to the log flume ride. She's been talking about "Splash Mountain" since some of her friends have recently visited Disney. As excited as she was for the ride, she was not a fan. She was upset that the waterfall rained on her! She quickly got over her disappointment when we arrived at the old fashioned car ride. 
Given the log flume debacle, I was surprised that one of Penny's favorite parts of the day was to watch the boats splash at the bottom of this ride. She thought it was hilarious as she watched the people on the bridge get splashed and the people in the boat shake themselves off after their plunge. 
We had beautiful weather. The park wasn't terribly crowded. Both kids left happy. Penny fell asleep in the car before we hit the turnpike :) Porter sang happily the whole way home. Another great trip to Dorney Park. Can't wait to see how much they've grown when we take our trip next year. 
Here are flashbacks from last year-

Haha- Papa wore the same shirt :) 

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