Sunday, August 17, 2014

August 2014- Pack It In

Our theory for the month of August around here is "Pack It In." That means, we're trying to fit as much fun as possible into these last days of summer.  We know that our days of warm sunshine are numbered, and while we can't wait for all the fun that Fall will bring, we're soaking up the sun! This weekend, we did just that.
On Friday, I took the kids to Sesame Place. RC has been busy at work and wasn't able to take the day off, so I decided to try on my own. And, it worked! We had a blast. We didn't do any of the water rides- I'm not that brave yet...maybe next time. But we saw so many characters and all the shows. And, the parade :) After the first show, we learned that Porter is welcome to sit in the front row at the shows in the reserved section for people with disabilities. At the Abby show, the characters move around the arena and he got high fives from almost every one. The smile on his face when Abby danced in front of him was a mile wide. We didn't get on every ride and I didn't bring the big girl camera, but we had an amazing day! We met some other members of the T21 Club in those reserved seats and those kids sure did make this mama smile. To experience Sesame through the eyes of a child is something special, but to see Porter was a whole new level of "wow". One family told us they make the trip from Pittsburgh three or four weekends a year just to see their daughter smile like that and it never gets old. She's 8 :) And she busted a move alongside Elmo like nobody's business. Amazingness in action! 
After our Friday at Sesame, Penny had another surprise.  We went to a "Frozen Tea Party" at our local pottery place with some of her friends from school.  They painted tea cups and saucers, which was super fun, and had dinner and ice cream together before some special visitors arrived.
Elsa and Anna surprised the girls and they went crazy! What a fun night!
 We headed to Nana & Papa's this weekend. Nana's brother, uncle Richard, passed away and it was his funeral. I've never been to a funeral with Navy honors before and I have to say, it was a special honor. 
To cheer Nana up some, we went to see the Reading Phillies. Everyone had a blast and Porter made friends with the boy who sat in the row behind us. Fun times! 

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