Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Colorado- Day 1

We arrived at the Philadelphia airport bright and still in PJ's to find extra long lines. Luckily, we managed to curb check all our bags, and RC took the car to parking while I took the kids to watch for a train (we saw one, which is a successful airport morning in their eyes). We made it through security, got an apple juice for takeoff, visited the potty and arrived at our gate just in time to walk on the plane between A & B boarding. The kids were great on the plane....Penny played princesses and colored. Porter played with his phone and with 45 minutes to go, I caved and gave him my phone to play with.  We arrived in Denver on time and the kids were super happy to learn that we had to take a train to baggage claim.  
We picked up our bags and took a shuttle to the rental car, where we surprised Penny with a minivan. She was thrilled to ride around in this sweet set of wheels all trip long (her dream car is a yellow convertible mini van...she's got big dreams). 
We grabbed a quick lunch and then went to find our family. We also found a county fair that had mommy's name written all over it. Pa & the Onofray's humored me. The big rides were closed, as was the Corndog stand. But we saw some sweet animals and I snapped this little bit of perfection! 

Porter & Penny enjoyed pony rides. Porter so wanted to pet the pig, who was "training" for his 4H Showing. I absolutely love fairs and was so psyched to get to hang out at one! 

 After the fair, we checked out the hotel pool.
The boys loved the giant water slide and Penny loved the slide that was just her size. Really sweet pool for a Holiday Inn Express.  
We cleaned up and headed to dinner at Oskar Blues.  
Grammy gifted Penny the most amazing dolls...Penny has not been without them from this moment on.
 The food was yummy, but most of all, the company was perfect! It was so great to hang out with everyone. Day 1 was tons of fun! 

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