Tuesday, September 23, 2014

She's Got Game

Penny's playing soccer this fall.
Everything the other mom's told me about 4 year old soccer is true. Kids pick grass and flowers, they enjoy cheering for their team more than anything. Their attention span doesn't match the length of the game. They get distracted by things on the sidelines. The goal becomes a jungle gym. Watching from the sidelines, I'm getting my much needed dose of the giggles. 
She's slowly, but surely, learning more about the rules of the game. She's fast. She's agile. But she's a little fearful. After falling a few times when kicking over the ball (she gets moves like that from her mama), she's hesitant. She sometimes wants to hang back and watch instead of being in the middle of the chaos. But boy, is she a supportive teammate!  
She's got the goal celebration moves down! 
She's not going to be the best at every sport. As long as she tries, I'll be happy. I'm having trouble finding the right balance between pushing her to succeed and letting her learn to play and have fun. Her coaches are incredibly patient. I'm trying so hard to take their lead. 
Right now, I'm loving the way she supports her friends. The way she's there to pick them up if they fall down. The way she's making new friends, even friends from other teams (seriously- she sat down in the grass with the girl she was supposed to be guarding and they talked while the game went on around them). The way she's free to be herself. 
The truth is, we're both learning in 4 year old soccer. We both have a lot to learn!  
Try hard my little one...and fly free! Be the best you that you can be!

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