Tuesday, September 23, 2014

NYC!!!!! Buddy Walk!

 We had a blast in NYC! First up on our trip agenda was Times Square for the NDSS Video.
Seeing my babies on the big screen was amazing. If you'd like to check out the entire video presentation, here's the link:  2014 NDSS Buddy Walk Times Square Video We are around 15:36, but there are so many other amazing photos, so if you have time, watch and smile! After Times Square, we headed over to Central Park to get our Buddy Walk on! 
 We heard Chris Burke from Life Goes On speak. We met people from across the country. And coolest of all, we saw people with Down syndrome who work for the NDSS in action doing their jobs. I saw this amazing photographer (pictured above), capturing shots from every angle, and I smiled. Because she and I were really  more alike than different. A subtle message that hit my heart :) 
 We Buddy Walked, we danced and we enjoyed every part of our experience!
I was so lucky to have Nana and Aunt Nic by my side for all the fun! Thanks for joining us!
After the walk, we set off on our own adventure...walking from about 108th Street all the way to 33rd. Central Park is beautiful...at some points in time, it was hard to believe we were still in the city!
We made sure to fit in time to monkey around :)
Our friends Sarah, John & baby Meredith met us in Times Square to be part of the fun. 
We hit up FAO Schwarz and Magnolia. We ate pizza. We walked and walked and walked. We enjoyed the randomness!
We had an amazing day! Thank you NDSS and Buddy Walk for bringing us another amazing experience!
If you're interested in being part of our CHOP Buddy Walk team, there's still time to join or donate. Porter's Peeps are so incredibly thankful for your support!

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