Wednesday, March 4, 2015

3-4-15 Spread the Word to End the Word!

There's no better day than today...on 3-4-15, we "spread the word to end the word". You too can take the pledge to end the "r-word" by visiting Take the pledge for Porter. Take the pledge for every person with an intellectual disability. Take the pledge, please. By taking the pledge, you're not saying that you're perfect. I know I'm not...I used that word in HS when people made fun of me for being a nerd. You're saying that respect matters and that language has power. You're saying that you're willing to make a difference in the world by eliminating one word from your vocabulary that can help build up a community. You're saying that all people matter. There are many words that negatively influence people and that have the power to hurt. Be cognizant. Be respectful. Show love!

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