Thursday, October 8, 2015

October thoughts

Two years have passed since the day my heart broke. As time goes on, the ache fades, but the baby that is now an angel will never be forgotten. Two years ago, my body carried that baby whose heart no longer beat to Buddy Walk. This year, my arms carried a new baby, whose guardian angel  certainly watches over our family. Each year, I remember. With full hands and a full heart, I have a greater appreciation for the gifts I've been given. I understand now, more than ever, that motherhood is not something to be taken for granted. That a Down syndrome diagnosis was not even close to a bad thing, for it still allowed me to be a mother. That every hard moment with these kids is still a moment. And that my body has been through some crazy times. #IHadAMiscarriage but I'm still a mother. Despite heartbreak, I'm incredibly lucky. My heart breaks for those who haven't had that chance. To all those who struggle, I send love and prayers that you get the chance to live your dream. I send prayers that those children in need of a stable home and loving family will find one. I send prayers for peace.
October is a time to remember so many things. Infant loss deserves acknowledgement. Those who were lost matter. To all our friends who have angel babies watching from above, we send our love! 

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