Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas at Sesame

Today, we attempted Christmas at Sesame. We haven't done many outings like these since becoming a family of five. But, we were overdue for some Carty time and we decided Sesame was a great meeting spot. I'm so glad we ventured out! 
These two miss each other almost as much as RC and I miss Jason and Lisa. I miss them most on summer nights, on our birthdays (someone needs to help eat cake) and around the holidays. And, while they're only a drive away, taking that drive is something we need to do more often. 
Sesame never disappoints in the magic department. Moments like these make the lines and pushy people all worth it! 
Pax spent most of the visit napping in the stroller. We found a cup of hot water in Cookie Monster's Cafe and warmed a bottle and the chugged it. He was awake for the parade and loved the music! Christmas at Sesame was a success. It definitely helped put us in the holiday spirit! 

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