Saturday, February 27, 2016

4 Goodness Sake

Sometimes, I loose sight of what's important. I get caught up in the "here's what a birthday party should look like" hype. Luckily, this kid doesn't care what a party should look like. And I'm the only one who cares that I forgot to order him a 4 shirt. Today we celebrated Porter with his friends from school. I didn't have a party theme...I bought a cake at the grocery store this morning because I forgot to order one. A sick baby threw a wrench in my planning (or lack there of). But none of that really mattered. What mattered? My boy was surrounded by love today. 
His smile grew wider as each friend entered the party room. He gave out hugs like he owned the place. Jason said he looked like a little mayor! He danced his heart out. He blew out his candle like a pro. And he showed me that it was just what he wanted for his birthday. He had all the love. 

There have been moments when I've wondered if he's at the right school. Today I watched his friends and their parents love him up. Today I am thankful for the village that surrounds us and lifts us up. I'm thankful for my mom who swooped in and crossed every last item off the to do list. For my sisters who made him a shirt because I forgot to order one. For their husbands, who Porter was so very excited to see! For Dave who ran after Porter so we could clean up. For Risa, who guarded the door so he couldn't run out the door. For all the parents who treat him so cr well. And for his friends...genuine friends...four years ago, as I got ready to meet this boy and wondered where the ride would take us, this is not what I imagined. Today is amazing! I'm so glad we're here! Good night 3...we'll be 4 in the morning!
PS many thanks to Papa for being sick daycare again this week...and to RC for watching Pax during the party. Little man is having a rough time with a virus! 

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