Saturday, February 13, 2016


This week we said good night to 5
And hello to 6
I'm still not sure how that happened? She spent 6 with a good morning kiss from papa before school, a school day that she dubbed the best ever- gym class, special treats for her birthday, a birthday sticker & crown from her teacher and a Valentine's party. We took her to the playground store on our way to pick up the boys and we had Panera for dinner & ice cream cake with Godmother Kellie, Aunt Becky and Codie. Six was a great day!
The fun didn't end there- she got a birthday haircut and had her ears pierced the next morning! She was so brave! 
Today we celebrated with a few friends. It was a fabulous few days! Can't wait to see all that six brings. Keep reaching for the stars big girl! We love you! 

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