Saturday, June 4, 2016

Busy Bees

Life has been busy and I've been slow to update. In between some big things happening around here, there are so many little every day moments that we love. Some days, daycare pick up runs smooth...some days it's chaos. Every day, these three are so happy to be reunited! Pax's teacher captured this sweet moment for us recently. 
Since our lessons at Ursinus in March, we've been working on our skills. We're happy to report that Penny is officially swim team ready! Now that she's over her fear, she's happy to be swimming with daddy, learning so much from him. Turns out, she's quite a natural at backstroke. Luckily, she's got mommy's kick ;)
Mr. P had his first Special Olympics experience. The Young Athletes Spring program was track. We only made one week between the rain and our schedules, but it was awesome to see where we will be headed!
And this kid...he's into everything! Climbing, pulling up on anything he can and crawling fast and furious. 
Dada, Nana and catch are his first words. He loves to play ball! And, he loves to eat...he likes everything except cottage cheese and bananas.
I'm hopeful that I'll get back to regular updates here soon. In the meantime, check us out over on Instagram- mammat10.

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