Saturday, June 4, 2016

Happy Jeanne!

Back in April, we packed up the van and headed to Cleveland to celebrate this amazing lady on her 88th birthday!
Pax got to meet most of the Thompson and Droughton families...he was well loved all weekend! 
It's always awesome to see cousins playing together!
And to get snuggles from your aunts and uncles!
And Jeanne brought her family's always so great to see everyone! To hear the stories, to hear the advice. Our families are big and fabulous and there are so many stories to be shared and lessons to learn. Aunt Ruth said something in conversation that will stick with me forever- "what does love look like at this phase"'s probably the wisest parenting advice that I've heard to date and it's something I've been trying to keep in mind no only as I parent, but as I live.
Porter loved running with Godfather Tommy! 
And the cake! Oh the cake! Susie made a German chocolate cake for this special was amazing! 
Family time is time well spent. 
We visited Malley's, spent some time at the park, enjoyed some meals out with both sides of the family and spent time together. We're so glad we were able to head out for a visit!

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