Wednesday, August 28, 2013

18 Months

I am 18 months old today.
I can put myself to sleep at night.
I ate half of mommy's enchilada for dinner tonight.
I say more words each day. Some of my favorite are:
  • Boat- sing row, row, row your boat right now
  • Eat- I thought you said we were eating dinner five minutes ago. Where's my food?
  • More- my tray is empty mom, please give me more food
  • Up- pick me up
  • Ball- I want to play catch or throw the balls into the dinosaur toy so it sings to me
I'm really trying to sign. I can snap my arms like an alligator and I'm trying so hard to do the sign for train. I like trains! I like when my sister sings me songs and does the signs along with the words. I am starting to do the hand motions for Itsy Bitsy Spider.
I like to read books. I like to swim. I like to play with friends and family. My neighbors Alex and Liam are my best buddies.
I went to my first Phillies game this past month and I went to see Alex and the Kaleidoscope Band in concert. You should have seen me dance!
I am a happy little guy! I'm working hard in PT, OT and Speech and am so excited to be moving up to the next class at school next week. I'm growing up faster than anyone expected and I'm doing it with a smile!
I'm Porter and I'm 18 months old. Watch out I come!

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