Saturday, August 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Pa!

Settle in...there are a lot of photos in this one.  The reason we headed out to St. Louis in June was to celebrate Pa's 60th birthday.  Aunt Meggie ordered the most amazing Star Track themed cake. Pa was impressed!
 And, so were the party guests.
 Friends and relatives traveled from near and far to celebrate with Pa.
 So, we cut into that gorgeous cake. And, it was just as delicious as we expected!
Even Bubby had some :) 
 Porter had a blast hanging with the boys!
 And everyone loved meeting Miss Reagan.
 Porter proved he was a Thompson, as he had his first taste of cheese balls. He loved them!
 The Thompson five were in attendance.
 With their families!
 And of course, Pa's family! 
 Old Dude was busy chasing after his grandkids.
 Daddy's family together again!
 The Johnson & Robinson crew helped with the fun!
 Porter enjoyed time with his Emily.
 And these two were like two peas in a pod.
 They had so much fun playing with the cousins!
 Emily learned the hard way that Porter loves to pull hair.
 Aubrey Ann did too!
 Penny got jelly beans for Pa.
 There were some fun plays on the number 60.
Lots of smile...
 ...lots of fun...
 lots of love. For me, it was most awesome to see Penny playing late into the night with her cousins.  We decided to ditch bed time and let them build memories!
 And memories, they did build. In the middle of their dance party, Penny convinced the girls to do ring around the rosy!
 We watched some Thompson family videos.
 And spent quality time with the ones we love.
 What a great trip! Happy Birthday Pa!

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