Saturday, August 3, 2013

St.'s a wrap!

The morning after the party, someone got into the cake icing that had been left on the table.
 She had fun helping to clean up.
 And volunteered to help Pa with his scratchers.
 We said goodbye to Terra and Bill, who headed off to Oklahoma.
 And while Porter napped, Penny decided to explore the basement.
 Grammy and Pa sure do have a lot of fun things!
 Penny taught Uncle Chris how to color (just kidding...Uncle Chris is surprisingly good at coloring).
 And we took a few more pics before we had to head off to the airport ourselves.
 In case you couldn't tell, there was no giggling...
 The cousins said goodbye...
 Andria got a few more snuggles.
 Aunt Lori and Aubs too!
 She packed up her six string and hit the road...until next time!

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