Saturday, December 14, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree 2013

Before I get started, we need to send a huge Thank You to our neighbors. This year's tree extravaganza would not have been possible without their help. Jason and Lisa took turns carrying Porter to and from the fields since Mommy still can't pick him up. Thank you so much guys!
We took the wagon out to the field to search for the biggest Christmas tree ever.
Mr. P enjoyed the wagon ride.
 We got directions to the tallest white pines in the field and made our way out. 
 Penny took the search quite seriously this year. She was armed with her pretend saw (aka, a tree branch she found on the ground).
 And she decided that this was our tree.  Daddy did the hard cutting work, assisted by Jason, because Penny quite possibly picked the tree with the thickest trunk in the whole field.
 Penny & Liam pretended to saw down trees of their own.
 She had a blast...loved everything about this annual tradition this year.
 Little man...not so much. He got cold. And didn't like the snow hitting his face as it started to fall while we were in the fields. He cried the whole way back to the wagon.
 We did manage to sneak in one nice family photo with the fallen tree behind us. Daddy carried the heavy tree to the bailing station.  It was 11.5 feet tall :)
Despite the snow, the kids humored me and let me get our annual photos with the elves sign and the manger. 
By the time we got to our car, over an inch of snow had fallen. Penny & I thought it was perfect Christmas tree gathering weather. I don't think Porter agreed. Maybe next year bud! 

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