Sunday, December 8, 2013

She's loving Advent (We all are)

Penny is enjoying Advent this year. And I'm enjoying tradition building. We've got our advent wreath and she is so happy to add another candle every Sunday. She gets excited to see if the wreath in church matches hers at home.
She's got a few Advent calendars going. The cool felt calendar has a piece of the nativity scene in each day's pouch. She can't wait to put the baby Jesus in the manger on Christmas Eve.
And of course, she's excited for the chocolate calendar. She even called Aunt Meggie to tell her about it :)
We put out our shoes for St. Nicholas Day. We read the story about how Nicholas loved to give to others and talked about ways we could give to others during this Christmas season.
And my favorite tradition of all- each night we read a different Christmas story. Some are about Jesus and some are about Santa and some are serious and some are silly. I have my favorite and someday they'll have their own favorite. But we learn something from every one!
Happy Advent! We hope you're catching the Christmas spirit!

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