Tuesday, December 10, 2013


After a snowstorm on Sunday, we had another today.
Since it started snowing heavily at 7am, we decided to have a snow day! 
We weren't sure how Mr. P was going to react to the snow, so we sat him in the sled. And, he LOVED it! As long as big clumps didn't get in his face. 
Liam joined in the fun and they dug happily in the snow. 
 She had big plans for her snow.
 And he had big plans for a snowball fight!
 They ran and jumped and threw snow everywhere.
While Porter guarded his snowballs, Penny tried to teach him how to eat the snow.
 He didn't fall for her tricks..."NO".
 It was a great snow day! 
P.S. Porter- mommy apologizes for putting you in Penny's old snow pants and boots. But, they kept you were warm and cozy and safe and sound!

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