Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lehigh Valley Buddy Walk and more weekend fun

Some of our favorite fall traditions have been taking place. We visited the Bloomsburg Fair on Friday of fair week. Papa came with us and everyone had a blast!
Aren't they the sweetest?
This year, Ella and Lily made the trip. It was so good to see them and spend time together.
Mr. P loved the scarecrows. And the giant pumpkins. And, the fence that was meant to keep him from climbing them. He tried his hardest to push me away and get under that fence. I know he thought that pumpkin was a challenge he could conquer. 
The girls loved the rides. Penny & Lily both love the color yellow, so this elephant ride was a match made in Heaven!
Seeing these girls together makes my heart so full! They rode the carousel at least five times. They even found horses that had some Frozen looking decor that they deemed "Elsa horses". 
On our way home from the Fair, we met our neighbors at MerryMead for the Pumpkin Lighting. Once again, there was great music, a magical story and most importantly, the best company we could ask for. Mr. P taught "Rave 101" and Penny taught Alex some interpretive dance while they waited for the music to start. 
The weather was perfect!
We had a BLAST!
Daddy was a jungle gym time and time again. It was perfect. 
Best neighbors ever!
Friday  night fun was followed by Saturday morning Strikers game. Penny learns a little more each week. She's still not aggressive, but she is starting to run fast to catch up with the crowd.
She was brave enough to kick it a few times this week, which was fun to see!
After soccer, we headed up to Allentown to take part in something special!
We were part of Devan's Designer Genes at the Lehigh Valley Buddy Walk. We love the Weiner family and are so lucky that the extra chromosome and a very thoughtful sorority sister of mine connected us when Devan was born. 
These two make me so happy!
Team Designer Genes pride!
Their big sisters are pretty fabulous too!
She ended the day with a yellow car. That's perfection in her book!

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