Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Porter's Peeps 2014

Dear Peeps,
Porter here. I want to tell you about the best Buddy Walk ever! Do you know what it feels like to have most of your favorite people in one place? It's like Christmas, only better. You want to see our awesome team. Here they are- over 100 Peeps strong. 
Let me tell you about some of my team and why they're important to me. First off, are my amazing therapists. Miss Lori, my speech therapist, Miss Ellen, my PT and Miss Melissa, my behavior therapist (who somehow avoided photos) were there. And, Miss Randi, Miss Tara and Miss Lisa were definitely there in spirit. These ladies have been helping me get stronger since I was born. I'm going to skip my birthday this year so I can keep them on my team.  
My Malvern Peeps were out in full force. Miss Julie, Miss Lauren, Miss Melanie, Miss Larcena & Miss Krissy rock!
 Now I'm going to introduce you to some of my friends. Alex lives next door and he has a puppy. I love them! Papa and the Crater's have been part of the team since my first year. Ashlee is pretty amazing and so are her parents!
 This next little lady is mine. Just in case you were wondering. Thanks for being party of my team Devan! And for sharing secrets with me. I love you! And your family!
 Next, I'll introduce you to my cheering squad. Yes, I travel with an entourage. And yes, they're not only beautiful, but smart and talented too. I visit them upstairs at school and watch them play on the soccer field and dance class. They're awesome!
 Time out from introductions- we have real business to take care of. We have to get walking! Papa- push me.
 Did you see this? My name on the scoreboard. You all helped get it there! We were one of the top 3 fundraising teams. Thank you!
Ok- more about the fun! There were cheerleaders who remembered me from last year.
And cheerleaders who were from Villanova (did you know Daddy went to Villanova)! 
And even some cheerleaders from the 76'ers. Honestly, I think cheering for the Buddy Walk is way more exciting than cheering for Basketball. Do you?
So those are my new friends. Now, let me tell you more about my other friends. Emilio and Lorena were in the house! Little dude is trying to teach me how to walk and I'm trying to teach him some new words. We always have the best time together. 
These kids are pretty cool. Their parents went to college with my parents. I wish we got to see each other more often because they know how to have fun! 
 I'm not so sure about these two friends. They look fierce, but I have a feeling they're big teddy bears at heart.  
 Jadon, Lena and Evan were in the house! 
 And Miss Sandy, Brianna and Quinn's entire family. Do you know how lucky I am to know these people? Quinn and I are going to go to school together when we grow a little bigger. Like kindergarten bigger. Isn't she amazing?
 You already met my best girl Devan, but here is her amazing family. And my friend Jane. These two girls will knock your socks off with their moves!
 Speaking of moves, have you seen mine. I walked more than halfway around the track with a little help from my friends.
 All this kid did was sleep, sleep, sleep. And I walked, walked, walked :)  
  The weather was perfect!
And so was my company! My best friend Lexi and her awesome sister Izzy came to see me! Malvern friends rock! 
 I need to ask why I was excluded from the "Kadingo sister" picture and why those Kadingo sister's take so many pictures? Aunt Heidi and Brian- thanks for coming again this year! 
Want to know a secret about this girl. She is snugly. And funny. And pretty!  
She must get it from her mom. And the funny from her dad. Mommy warned me- if Uncle Brian tells you to play in traffic, don't listen. I don't really believe mommy when she tells me stories about how he used to tell her to play in traffic when she was my age. 
 Cam- you're so sweet to me. Thanks for being part of my team!
Daddy was telling me all about this place called Villanova. He said he learned so many things there and that maybe we'll go to see a basketball game soon. It was so nice of his Villanova friends to come out for the fun! Did you know that Uncle Mike went to Villanova? He and mommy keep saying that accountants are cool, but I'm not so sure. Aunt Bridget and Uncle Sean went there too. I think they do things that are much cooler than accounting.  
 There are lots of people missing from photos. Lots of people who worked together to make me feel so very special. Like all those Fitzpatrick cousins. Did you know Lily and Brian came from Maryland to be on my team? Godmother Kellie came even though she had to go to work later that night. And so many more.
I want to send special thanks to Dr. Risa Roland from Metropolitan Veterinary Associates. She's my friend Bella's mommy and she's my friend too. She makes me smile! She went out of her way to help with the fundraising! Special thanks the Nasuti family, Aunt Missy and her friends, Sam Beaufait and everyone else who made a donation. We can't thank you enough! 
I posed for more pictures with my family before they let me have my Kona. 
 I didn't get tired of the paparazzi the entire day. It was kind of cool that they just kept on clicking!
Because there was much to smile about :)
  Do you know about Kona Ice King of Prussia? Miss Julie and Mr. Bill and their beautiful daughter Devon came out to help CHOP raise more money. It's a win-win. Ices are my favorite! Thank you Green family for all your support! And Grace- mommy told me that you and your friends started the walk thirteen years ago. Thank you so much! I want to be just like George when I grow up! 
I also want to tell you about the coolest part of Buddy Walk- the raffle. My friend Evan's mom and dad worked so hard to get amazing prizes for this year's raffle. And boy was it amazing. 
 We had the most amazing day, but it didn't end there. After the party was the after-party. We went to a bar that mom & dad used to hang out at back in the day, BP2 (before Penny & Porter). There was football on TV and nachos and pizza for me to eat. And there were friends. I love my friends!  
Sister sat at the girls table, but I decided it would be more fun to sit with the Ryan's and Bersheim's. We talked about all sorts of fun things and I told stories too. Then, we played pool. 
And had a super fun dance party in the back room.  
 Did I mention that Sophie was there? We go way back...we swim together :)
 Mommy made a big deal about her college roomates coming to town. I can't complain- they brought their super fun kids with them. 
 Serious fun!
 I really liked this guy. I told him he should bring his sister Ashlee around more often too!
Mommy made us pose for all sorts of pictures. You know, mommy and that camera of hers.  
 She finally let me rest with my aunties. And Codie. 
 Jason- I order you to bring Liam back to the neighborhood. I did not approve your house sale and I want to revoke the contract. Liam and I made big plans to build a sky-walk between our bedroom windows so we can hang out at night. You ruined our plans. I guess I'm going to have to dig a tunnel to your new house. We're discussing our options.
Guys- this was the best day ever! I ate good food, did some good walking, saw so many friends and did so many fun things. Thanks for coming to support me. I hope you'll come back next year. Oh- Mommy told me about the money you donated. It's going to help Dr. Pipan and her team help me and my friends. I love Dr. Pipan. She always helps me show mommy and daddy that I can do things they didn't know I could do. It's a secret agreement we made the first time we met- whenever I go for a visit, she asks me to do a fancy new trick and I do it. And mommy and daddy sit there laughing, because they know they should expect nothing less from me! Dr. Pipan rocks! 
To my Peeps who were with me in spirit...thanks for sending love from across the country! Save the date for next year- first Sunday in October. And come visit. I'll let you share my room!
You guys are awesome! Thanks for being my Peeps!

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