Wednesday, January 7, 2015


This girl is growing up so fast. She's growing more confident too! This is finally happening and it's making daddy & I so proud! At two, she could swim. Then she developed fear. And as much as we tried, we made it worse. So we sat back, let her swim in the baby pool and do lessons with her friends, where she was comfortable. As swimmers, it was hard for us. I mean, swimming is in her blood. Shouldn't we have been signing her up for the team at age three? 
When daddy started coaching swimming this past summer, she started paying attention. She likes to watch meets and an occasional practice. She thinks the older swimmers are amazing. And we think they're positive role models. Right now, when daddy swims on Saturday mornings, I try to swim with the kids. Sure, she's doing her laps with her Lottie, but she's doing it! On her own terms, in her own way. And we're so proud! Swim fishy! Swim! 

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