Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fun at the Pet Expo

Godmother Kellie joined us earlier this month for a trip to our local Pet Expo. Pets are not really our thing, but a co-worker saw that there would be alpacas on site and knew of my girl's love affair for all things alpaca, so she encouraged us to venture on over. What a fun night! 
The alpacas did not disappoint. Penny quickly decided she was going to be brave and pet her new friends. Sister picked out a few alpaca finger puppets and a warm pair of alpaca gloves. We've made a note of the farm and are looking forward to paying a visit to their entire herd once the weather warms up.  
Pony rides were the kids favorite part of the event! I really noticed Porter's core strength while he rode...much more stable than any prior ride...he may be ready for therapeutic riding come springtime. 
We saw some unique pets at the show- lizzards, snakes, fish, pigs and lots of dogs. 
My big girl surprised me by voluntarily petting a puppy. Penny and dogs have historically not gone well together. But the therapy dogs from Therapy Pets Unlimited were so calm and loving...she was smitten. Brother pet the dogs too, but because I was holding him, I didn't get to snap a pic. 
We got to see some dogs "race" and we also saw a dog show with some pretty amazing performers. We were amazed at the variety of pet products on display....clothes, gadgets, treats. There were a number of bakeries who specialized in pet treats on site. Porter got mad and upset when I wouldn't buy him a cookie (aka- a dog biscuit disguised as a cookie). 
We also got to visit with the team from Metropolitan Veterinary Associates, the amazing vets who support Porter's Peeps each year. We're always happy to see them out and about in the community!
Despite all the live animals, this dog was Penny's favorite of the show! 
I was so impressed with how brave she was. And with her interest level in the dogs available for rescue. While I don't think I see a dog in our family's future, I do see her building confidence and interest. We all had fun at the Pet was a perfect Friday night activity!

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