Monday, February 16, 2015


The power of prayer is amazing. While I prayed long and hard in the ER, I was also really scared. When there were three doctors and a PA in our ER room, along with two respiratory therapists, who jointly decided that Porter was sick enough that he needed ICU care and started talking about the possibility of CPAP, I realized that he was much sicker than I thought. They arranged for transport to CHOP via ambulance. While my dad stayed with Porter, I had to step out of the room to call RC, as we had no reception in the room. While I was on the phone, a nurse from the adult ER asked if I was the mom from room 27 and placed this in my hand: 
This little angel helped remind me that I may not be in control, but we've got guardian angels watching over us on this journey. Asthma is scary business. Luckily, Porter's asthma triggers seem to be viruses and spring allergies (which are more controllable). We know the triggers, we address the triggers. We are thankful for the team of doctors and nurses who take such good care of him. And we hope and pray for all the kids whose lungs sometimes need a little help to make it through a sickness. Prayers work! Thank you for your prayers!

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