Tuesday, February 3, 2015


We drive by Cabelas all the time on our way home to Nana & Papa's house, but we don't stop in often enough. Every trip is an adventure. The kids favorite part of the store is the aquarium. On this most recent visit, there was even a scuba diver in the tank who was teaching us about the giant catfish. 
The exhibits are great. Porter loves seeing the elephant. 
And the polar bear that was supposed to be the focus of the next photo...glad I got his arm :) 
Growing up, hunting and fishing were a big part of my life. My dad and grandfather took us fishing often as kids. And they hunted. Each deer season, we celebrated the day they'd bring home a deer because it meant we'd have a freezer full of meat to make it through the winter. My kids are growing up in such a different way, in such a different world. I think it's still important for them to understand how our eco system works. 
I know they'll spend time learning how to fish in the years ahead with my dad. I don't know if they'll learn to hunt (that skill wasn't passed down to us girls. Although we were taught gun safety and took trips to the shooting range, we never went out to hunt...they always joked that I talked too much). I want them to learn too. Cabelas is a great place to start!

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