Sunday, February 15, 2015

We've got love!

These two missed each other terribly while Porter was in the hospital. They were so happy to tackle each other and get back into their routine. We laid low this weekend. Porter shared his cold with everyone, so we all took some time to rest up and get better. The two of them spent the weekend putting on their backpacks and pretending to ride the bus, reading books to each other and watching some Alex & Leah (Signing Time). 
The kids had fun making some valentine's for daddy and a special friend. 
We had some more snow....Penny helped us plow the driveway with snow angels. 
And, these two have been playing "bus" ever since Penny got a backpack for her birthday. The ride the pretend bus to kindergarten and tell me that they don't need me to drive them any more because they can take the bus. Penny makes the rules and Porter happily follows in this game. It's so much fun to watch them play together. 
Maybe downtime was just what we needed....we're always rushing around to the next event. Even though I ended up on antibiotics with my sinus infection, it was a good weekend with lots of love!

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