Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Thanks to our parents

The past few weeks have been crazy amazing. I don't think we could have gotten thru without our parents. 
My parents watched Penny & Porter while we were at the hospital. They brought the proud big sister and big brother to the hospital as soon as Paxton was born so Penny could announce his arrival. They played Legos, sang Elmo's song, cooked pancakes, colored and gave the older two the attention they needed the day their brother came home. 
They also helped us get through RCs last week of swim season. Nana took Penny to cheer camp. 
Things we couldn't have done without help.
Grammy & Pa swooped in just in time to help me survive the final swim meet of the season. They took the kids outside and played them hard! 
I loved hearing Penny and Grammy play Legos. And hearing all about Grammys magic lotion that helped her boo boo feel better. Pa introduced the kids to Elvis and the Beetles. He took them out to play catch. These older kids have been showered with much needed attention and we are so thankful! 

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