Thursday, January 21, 2016

6 Months

Somehow, Pax is six month old already. He is such a sweet little boy. He's sitting strong, playing with toys and trying to steal toys from his brother and sister. He's very social- flirts with women wherever we go and loves to play with his friends at school. He's quickly gaining his own fan club at church. 
He scoots backwards on his belly and moves in a circle. He dislikes getting changed and we think he prefers to be clothed in just a diaper. He loves bath time, especially when he gets to take a bath with Penny and Porter. His favorite toys are ones he can put in his mouth- Sophie the giraffe, some teething blocks and teething keys. He loves books, preferably when he can put them in his mouth too!
 At his 6 month doctor visit, he weighed 21 pounds and was 28.25 inches. He's wearing 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. He's loving food- so far he likes everything except peas and green beans. Squash may be his favorite yet- I kept some of the texture and wondered how he'd like it...the texture definitely helped him figure out how to eat more efficiently. While I'm feeding him, he grabs the spoon and tries to put the food into his mouth on his own. Porter continues to try to share food with him...the other day, Pax had his first taste of a fig bar courtesy of Porter.
He has started to say "dada" pretty consistently, and also mimics the "hi" sound. He's still not sleeping through the his six month doctor visit, we were all surprised to find that he had a double ear infection. Hopefully his ears will clear and he'll start to sleep better soon. 
The past six months have been mass chaos around here, but I feel like we're all starting to settle into a routine. Taking the three kids on an outing is not as daunting as it once was. We are looking forward to many adventures in the months ahead! Happy half birthday little man! We're love you so much and we're so happy you're here!

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