Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Visit From Grammy & Pa

Grammy & Pa came for Thanksgiving. Penny takes these visits very seriously...she has a list of favorite things she likes to do with them...baking, reading, taking Grammy to dance class, playing pretend. She got started as soon as she could...she & Grammy baked brownies on the first night of their visit :)
Porter helped too! He loves to help in the kitchen!
As we got ready for Thanksgiving, they made cookies and pies and all sorts of wonderful things together!
Some of their favorite memories are made in the kitchen :)
And who knew cookie cutters could be such fun...Penny & Pa made up a game with the fun new gingerbread cut outs.
Grammy has patience for miles!
They had a blast!
During their visit we took a trip to Hershey.
We had never been there for Christmas was awesome!
We toured Chocolate World and made a few friends.
We saw Santa!
And got treats!
Then we headed over to the park for some fun.
They had so much fun measuring up.
And picked their favorite candies!
They loved the rides. It was the first time we've been able to put Porter on a ride alone with Penny and boy did they have fun!
Beep Beep!!!!
The lights in the park were beautiful!
And the Sweet Lights drive that followed was so cool! We had a great day and a great visit! Thanks Grammy & Pa!!!!

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